Model Case1

CONVENTION(Ocean Hall)〜PARTY(Summit Hall)

The red tiled roofs glowing in the emerald sea and blue sky…
In this tropical atmosphere, will you hold a meeting and party?


Scene.1 Ocean Hall is suitable for convene the convention. It faced the blue ocean, filled with a feeling of openness, and creates the resort relaxation. It is possible that you use the Ocean Hall by dividing into three rooms.
Scene.2 Ocean hall has anteroom. Anteroom has several business desks and equips the wireless internet environment. It is also capable to use anteroom by dividing into three rooms.


You can enjoy the coffee break at the foyer while viewing the sea at the intervals of the meeting. From early morning to the evening, we will prepare the coffee menu according to your convention pattern.


Scene.3 How about the grand party in the Summit Hall after the meeting? The Summit Hall was used as a main venue at the 2000 Kyushu-Okinawa G-8 Summit The illuminated corridor is very beautiful which is located arount the Summit Hall.
Scene.4 Summit Hall is crafted from the finest international materials as well as local treasures like Ryukyu limestone and chandeliers crafted with paper made from indigenous tree leaves.
Scene.5 We recommend the Okinawan traditional arts, Ryukyu dance, Eisa and Shishimai etc, as party attraction. Summit Hall is fully equipped  with the lighting and the stage setting which can accommodate various attractions.

Hope you spend one of the best days in your life at the Bankoku Shinryokan.



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